A tyre blowout can cause an accident and put your life at risk, especially so when you are driving at a high speed. This happens when your tyre suddenly explodes, causing you to lose control of your vehicle and get into a serious accident in the worst cases. Now, if you are concerned, you can take a look at your tyres or get it inspected thoroughly by dedicated experts from a cheap car tyre shop in Singapore.

While you may be waiting for a convenient time to change your tyres, when you put it off for far too long, certain damage signs that can be addressed earlier may continue to go unnoticed until something severe happens. Discover the three most common tyre problems to keep an eye open for:

Uneven Tread Wear

While it is normal for the tread to eventually wear out, the tread can wear out irregularly due to improper tyre alignment or improper inflation pressure, requiring a replacement much sooner than you expected. However new or expensive your set of tyres are, a misaligned car can easily ruin its rubber. For this reason, it is imperative to have your tyre pressure checked monthly and get it adjusted accordingly. Ensure that they are aligned correctly while you are at it. Visually keeping a lookout for any uneven tread wear can at least help you be alert for any arising problems.


Being subjected to all sorts of weather conditions, your tyres will degrade naturally overtime. After considerable use, the rubber will start to give way, forming cracks on the tyre. Even if they have not been used for a long time, cracks can be caused from the impact when the vehicle drives over a curb or sharp debris. Apart from cracks, visible bubbles or lumps in the tyre can also occur when the sidewall is damaged. Usually in the shape of an egg, these are known as bulges, a common indication that the tyre structure is weakened internally. As bulges cannot be repaired, your vehicle will require a change of tyres.


Suspect that your tire had a puncture? The first thing to do is to check your tyre pressure. If the tire pressure is much lower than in the other tires, you probably have a slow leak. Slow leaks can be caused by a nail and if you are unable to detect where the slow leak is located at, you can identify it by using soapy water. Simply remove the wheel and tyre and submerge them into a tub of soapy water. Look out for any spot producing bubbles and that is the area where your tyre is losing its air slowly.


When consulting a car repair professional, certain leaks can be easily patched over the tire. But the more advanced damages may require more than patching. This is why it is important to address punctures as soon as possible and get them repaired.

Besides the above defects, other causes that may trigger a tyre blowout includes old age of tyres and overloading of your vehicle. If you are aware that you have tyre damage, avoid increasing your tyre load. In case your tyre blows out while you are on the road, immediately slow your vehicle down and stop at the side. It is crucial to not continue driving with a blown tyre. The last thing you want is to stay in a vehicle that is spiraling out of control, putting your life in danger.

Whether you suspect your vehicle is at risk of an accident-causing blowout or you are just wanting a peace of mind that your vehicle does not have these potentially dangerous defects, it is always good to send your vehicle for servicing to know if you are in need of new rubber. For expert tyre services at an affordable price, come to Soon Huat Tyres and we are always available to attend to your tyre issues to ensure a safe ride home.

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