Tyre trouble can burn a hole in your wallet and it can be a big hassle when it happens. Imagine your tyre blowing out when you need your car at the most crucial of times. With countless of tyre repair shops in Singapore, it is easy to look for cheap car tyres. But beyond price, once you have purchased your tyres, how well they fare depends on how frequent you pay attention to them.


There are many benefits when you start caring for your tyres. Apart from spotting any problems early such as a crack in the tyre, you can also take the time to rotate your wheels to fully make use of the rubber. This is how you will be getting the best out of your money, saving costs in the long run. Unsure of how to begin maintaining your tyres on a regular basis?


Here’s how you can start:


  • Check your tyre pressure regularly – Not only will your ride feel unpleasant, but you will also lose some stability and control over your vehicle while driving. As it can put you at risk of accidents, it is thus crucial to check your tyre pressure frequently. You can confirm your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressure either in your owner’s manual or at the sticker on the side of the door. Check the pressure when the car has not been in use for a few hours and with properly inflated tyres, you will start to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride.

  • Pay attention to your tyre tread – Incorrect tyre inflation can also cause certain parts of the tyre to wear out faster than the others. You will notice wear on the outside edges of the tread for under-inflated tyres. Over-inflated tyres, on the other hand, will wear down from the middle of the tread. The main takeaway is, your tyres’ tread will not wear evenly.

Other causes of this can include improper alignment. If you notice irregular tread wear that is not caused by incorrect tyre pressure, you may want to visit a mechanic shop and get it inspected. Apart from aligning your wheels properly, they may also help you rotate your tyres to ensure your tyres wear evenly. This will extend your tyre life and most importantly, keep your vehicle safe for driving.

  • Inspect your sidewall condition – This is the time where you look for any crack or bulges in your tyre. Bulges, for instance, can be caused by hitting a curb, roadblock or pothole. You should also keep a lookout for any objects lodged in the rubber such as a small nail or screw. If you suspect that your vehicle has driven over a nail, you should visit your mechanic shop as soon as possible. Patching might work but only for a short time. A puncture deep enough can cause your tyre to lose pressure over time and as mentioned, this can increase your risk of getting into an accident.


When you take a moment to look at your tyres, you will become more aware of any potential damages before you face a tyre failure situation. With properly maintained tyres, you will definitely see a difference in how often you visit the repair shop. If you are experiencing any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know your tyre troubles. At Soon Huat, when you come down for a free professional consultation with our dedicated experts, we will check your tyres for pressure, tread depth and wear of the pattern. And if they need replacing, we have a range of different options in stock, depending on your car and recommended tyre pressure. Get your tyres replaced and you will be back on the road in no time!

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